We shall start a brand new process with you once we agree to walk together. A hard process requiring
self-sacrificing, determination, and hard-work although to be filled with success, joy and earnings…
As Fırın Sanatı we achieved to have our current number of branches in such a short time with our ability to act quickly thanks to our expert partners and young and dynamic personnel. Today, we aim at being the sector leader for all our bakery/cafes, relying on our standard production and shipment system, different concept, corporate identity, and, above all, with the delicious and quality products. With our management being familiar with the difficulties on our path to success, we use extra care to use such seeds making sure we have the fruits abundantly.



The unique works which shall be definitely appreciated are made by those using their creativity skills to express themselves and make a difference and valuing the uniqueness above all. These works are called as the works of art and those making them are the artists. We use all our creativity and bring about special tastes to express and differentiate ourselves in the market. Of course we do not use the term “artist” for us literally, but we see bakery business as an art branch; and we work so hard to produce the tastes you will brand by saying “these are really works of art.” From the very first day of foundation, we open every single one of bakery/cafes to offer our guests happy moments and nice tastes. We aim at deserving your trust by preparing our products with special tastes and special presentations in accordance with international hygiene and quality standards and ensuring you have them without any deformation. In our menu contemplating the special prescriptions of the world cuisine, you may find the broad diversity of sweat and salty products including sandwiches, cookies, muffins, pastries, cakes, macarons as well as ice cream varieties. We have been waiting you for you to give opportunity to everyone enjoy the life at Fırın Sanatı and include new tastes in their memory of tastes that they will never forget.
At the end of 2017, we shall have 20 bakery/cafes. In 3 years, we aim at serving through 70 points. In 5 years, we shall open minimum one bakery/cafe outside the country exhibiting our concept abroad.
As Fırın Sanatı the virtue we value the most is communication ability. As we shall become a big family, the strength of the communication and synergy between us and the investors to work with us are very important for us. Because we believe that proper dialogue is the most critical merit required to solve all problems we may encounter during the process and replicate all existing successes in the entire system. We also believe that our system will be developed with our franchises having the management abilities able to combine problem solving skills with solution focused attitude. We established a team of amateurs consisting of professionals loving their business. And we expect everyone to become a member in our family to love our business and love and embrace our products. And last but not least, we expect our franchisees to have the financial power required for the investment and to be involved in all processes proactively.
Sites with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic, major arteries, large hypermarkets, shopping centers, cinema-school-classrooms, petrol stations, business centers and housing estates with minimum 1,000 apartments are the features we. For avoidance of any doubt, we attempt to make a Fırın Sanatı available at anywhere human exists, thanks to the broad range of our target population of our brand addressing everyone with all budget sizes. The suggestions of our franchisees about location shall be subject to the approval of the officers of Fırın Sanatı.
We help our candidate franchisees to choose from our pool of sites. However, at first we consider the locations suggested by the candidate franchisee familiar with the region requested by him/ her.
Our operation department provides a detailed study on this issue to support you.
Fırın Sanatı franchise agreements are made to be valid for 5 years.
The entrance price is 20,000 EUR for franchising. The operational fee and the marketing budget contribution are provided as 3% and 2% on the sales return to be paid monthly.
The initial investment cost is around 100,000 $ to 150,000$ plus VAT, depending on the concepts i.e. kiosk, baker and bakery/cafe.
Our architectural project is designed by the contracted architectural company. The civil works and decoration works are carried out by the firm quoting the best price, among our contracted partners.
Although the franchisee solely is liable to find the required personnel, Operation team of Fırın Sanatı shall provide you support for personnel where required.
Our candidate business partners included in our system as franchisees shall receive 1-month of initial intensive training. Our franchisees completing the process successfully shall have all information and skills required before opening their cafes. They shall start the period for sharing the success of Fırın Sanatı, with the deserved self esteem from being competent on all processes of the business. The training shall be specially designed for each of the personnel members who shall receive such training at the beginning, considering the powers and liabilities of such personnel members. The trainings are provided with the on-the-job trainings and training booklets at our bakery/cafe, to host our guests in the best manner. Training applications, development of training instruments, preparation of the ancillary visuals and making them available at all bakery/cafes, opening support for bakery/cafe, certification trainings, topic based classroom trainings and training visits are among the liabilities and powers of the training and Development Department.
We produce our products in strict compliance with all hygiene standards at our plant with the closed area of 1500 sqm, designed as per the Food Codex. The ground of all our production areas are epoxy coated with air-conditioning in all closed air areas; and the machinery used in the production areas are in compliance with the Food Security. Our Beylikdüzü complex is designed for -40, -18 and +4 production, and to serve over bakeries-cafes. With our in-house R&D Department, quality control, production and planning engineers, we monitor and control all phases of production. All our personnel receive trainings regularly to conduct quality production. Our employees are also subjected to regular health controls. We target the better one all the time by making the investments required therefore in addition to our expertness and experience, so that each of our 160 products will be received at our service points at the same freshness, quality and standards.
Our Operation department closely monitors the consistency and continuity of operational process all the time. It plans and controls operations of bakery/cafe. Administration of bakery/cafes and personnel are also under the control of our operation department. This department improves the quality and reduces the costs, conducting activities to increase productivity. It plans, applies, monitors and controls bakery/cafe services. The department determines the shortages of the equipment, tools, and etc. of bakery/cafes, and ensures them to be completed. It plans, organizes and monitors the required works in human resources area. It acts like a bridge between the franchise and the headquarters ensuring business flow. It supports bakery/cafes to increase the sales returns. Our operation department is also empowered and liable for preparation of periodical reports, sales return management, stock cost studies, P&L (profit-loss) works, budget works, and personnel management and human resources works.
Fırın Sanatı supplies all equipment and materials used in the bakery/cafes to the tiniest detail. Logistics department provides support for shipment of the materials required, delivery thereof in the designated places at the bakery/cafes, and collection of the empty bread cases and trays therefrom.
The works conducted in line with the targets of Fırın Sanatı as a brand are classified under three headings: Image and Brand awareness studies, national marketing studies and local marketing studies. Marketing Department located at our headquarters provides support for agency design support and realization of printed or web-based works. The visual design, advertisement works are realized as per the targets of bakery/café and brand, starting from the grand opening phase. 2% of the monthly return is collected in a pool, to be used for advertisement, research and mystery shopper expenses as determined by the marketing department. The equity of bakery/café shall be used for additional local works to increase the sales and customers, and it is recommended to use maximum 2% of the monthly sales return for the extra local marketing expenses.
At our bakery/cafes, Myasoft Cash register system is used. Our IT Department provides the required infrastructure support. Also, we use Myasoft system for our reporting activities.