About Us

The unique works which shall be definitely appreciated are made by those using their creativity skills to express themselves and make a difference and valuing the uniqueness above all. These works are called as the works of art and those making them are the artists.


We use all our creativity and bring about special tastes to express and differentiate ourselves in the market. Of course we do not use the term “artist” for us literally, but we see bakery business as an art branch; and we work so hard to produce the tastes you will brand by saying “these are really works of art.”

With the taste of our crafted products, the uniqueness of our custom made cakes, the smell of our tea, sincerity of our small talk, warmness of our place, and all fresh products, we are here for you all the time.

Master hands of Fırın Sanatı shall be waiting for you to offer our unique tasted products at our bakery/cafes located many places İstanbul…